octopus mount bareoctopus mount with .50 cal installed

The Mount Machine Gun, Anti-Aircraft, .50 cal., M63 is a rigid, low silhouette, portable mount with four detachable legs. It is designed primarily for an anti-aircraft role. It may be ground or vehicle mounted.

The anti-aircraft mount comprises six major assemblies. It is equipped with a side plate trigger and adjustable trigger linkage and may be activated by an operator either in the standing or the sitting position. The mount is easily disassembled for portability. The M63 mount cradle accepts only the .50 cal machine gun. With the exception of the trigger control mechanism and the trigger linkage, there are no adjustments of the mount required. The trigger control is adjusted to ensure correct contact with the side plate trigger and the linkage is adjusted to ensure full movement of the trigger control. The machine gun may be fired by using the mount linkage or directly using the back plate trigger on the weapon. The major component assemblies of the M63 are (1) legs, (2) base assembly, (3) elevator assembly, (4) cradle, (5) trigger frame assembly; and (6) ammunition tray box assembly.


Assembly - Complete65.45 kg (144 lbs)
Legs (four)13.64 kg (30 lbs)
Base Assembly25.0 kg (55 lbs)
Elevator Assembly5.9 kg (13 lbs)
Cradle Assembly12.7 kg (28 lbs)
Trigger Frame Assembly7.7 kg (17 lbs)
Ammunition Box Tray4.53 kg (10 lbs)
Overall Height106.6 cm (42 in)
Length of Legs60.9 cm (24 in)
Overall Dimension w/legs132.1 cm (52 in)
Storage Length (Folded)69.22 cm (27.25 in)
Elevation Maximum1490 mils (83.8 Deg)
Depression Maximum515 mils (29.0 Deg)
Traversing6400 mils (360 Deg)

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